Finding the perfect combination

We wanted to create a special edition of our wallet that would explore new horizons .
We wanted to give it its own identity.
While leather was an obvious choice as part of the DNA of the brand, finding the right lining and
metal has been a whole journey.
We liked the idea to work with two opposite elements, balancing warm with cold, soft with tough.

Warm and soft

We tried countless linings. None of them was bringing this special touch that we were aiming for, this particular and luxurious aesthetic that would set the wallet apart.

We wanted a lining that would bring warmth and softness to the design.

It is only when we decided to explore more sophisticated and exclusive fabrics not often used for leather accessories that we discovered and immediately fell in love with Alcantara.

Beyond the uniqueness of the fabric, we found in Alcantara an inspiring Italian
company, sustainable, with great values and constantly evolving.

Cold and tough

Timeless and strong, the stainless steel stood out from all other options.
This metal was bringing a cold touch while having a classy and designed aesthetic.

Its toughness was perfectly contrasting with the softness of the interior.